"Lovely Moment" Necklaces-jewelry

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"Lovely Moment" Necklaces-

The idea for this Necklace came after our jeweler had his first baby.
He saw how his baby pulling his head on in while the wife took a photo and share the moment.
After he saw the picture, the work about the jewelry begin and didn't stop until he got the perfect necklace.
Every Mom should get one, the amazing of the necklace is getting out while you see it.

*Limited Edition

*All Our Jewelry is handmade, we produce hundreds of rings\necklases and more.

*Our Jewelry is unique and not sold in stored
*We are making special jewelry for moms\baby\all the family.
*We Are the only store that makes jewelry about your relationship with your baby, every necklase\ring have a story.
*Limited Edition
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